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Being a young parent means that you are no longer the priority in your life. Yep, that little bundle of joy that’s so tiny and adorable has taken up that spot. But I’m sure part of you is wondering how such a tiny little person could take up so much of your time.


That’s how. There’s no other possible explanation. Right?

Yet you’ve also got to remember as young parents that it’s SO important to carve out some time for yourselves.

I know, I hear you. But how are we possibly going to manage that?

I know it seems impossible to get some quality time as a couple, when there’s always someone else taking up all of your attention. The baby needs to be fed, clothed, bathed, changed, fed again, changed again, put down for a nap and picked right back up again because he’s absolutely not tired, how could you have thought that? The fact that he’s crying his eyes out? Irrelevant. Not tired he says! He fights it, then falls asleep in your arms, you try to set him down, and he wakes up screaming because you betrayed his trust by wanting to lay him down in his snuggly little baby bed. How dare you!

And then, if you’re lucky and you finally DO manage to get him to sleep, there are meals to get ready, the floor where he spat up needs to be cleaned, clothes need to be washed because somehow, that tiny little tyke went through 6 onesies within the last hour.

Sound familiar? (If you’re answering no, then count your blessings!)

So, back to my question; how DO you make some time to be with your significant other?

You force it. That’s how.

Time isn’t going to magically find its way to you, so you have to grab it. Here are some tips to do just that:

1 – Put the phones away

Yes, you heard me. You spend all day away from each other, so when you’re together put the phones down. That tweet can wait, as can the instagram like.

Take some time to reconnect, ask each other about your days, share fears and doubts, laugh together. Too often these days, couples forget to talk to each other. Don’t fall in that trap. Be grateful for the time you have together, and spend it together, without any phones between you.

You’ll be surprised by how quickly you can reconnect, even if it’s just during meal times, or the baby’s nap time (when you finally get him down…)

4 easy ways for young parents to make some time to be a couple -- making time for your significant other as a young parent can be challenging, but should be a priority | jemasterman.com

2 – Take a day or an afternoon off work

Plan one day or one afternoon every now and then that you both take off work. The baby will be at daycare or with your usual parental substitute, and you and your significant other can enjoy some quality time together.

You don’t have to do anything fancy or expensive, or to go out if you’re on a tight budget.

You can go for a walk in the park if the day’s nice, or go out for an ice cream.

Go home if you want.

But do it together.

3 – Schedule it

In today’s busy world, our schedules fill up faster than a rain barrel at the bottom of the Niagra Falls, and this means that very often, it’s our time with our family that gets sacrificed.

So schedule it in. Agree on a certain time that you will set aside for each other every week, and put it in your agendas.

And keep to it.

You need to treat this like you would any other appointment. It’s in the agenda, it’s got to be respected. If you agree to a movie at home night with your significant other on Mondays, then that’s what you’ll do on Mondays. No exceptions.

4 – Go for groceries together

Woooo!!! Fun, right?? Yeah, I know, my shoulders are slumping too.

But hey, ask a friend or a family member to watch over your mini-me for a couple of hours, and do the grocery shopping together. I know this is a chore, but at least you get to commiserate as a couple, right?

Look at the bright side; you’re spending time together.

Make a game of it; each of you gets a list of groceries, and the first to get all the items wins. Yes, I realize that this means you won’t technically be together while you’re busy proving to the other that he’s too slow. But you’ll be having fun together nonetheless.

And as a bonus, if you’re extra quick and it only takes you an hour to do the groceries, then you’ve got a whole extra hour to… do whatever you want!!

Whoop! (remember you asked someone to watch the baby for a couple of hours? *eyebrows wagging*)

Have fun!

Realize how important it is

Yes, you have a new, tiny but immense priority. But don’t set aside your couple altogether. Make sure that you take care of your realtionship as well, and that it still has a slot in your top-priority list.

Make some time. These tips are easy to implement, and you’ll be amazed at the effect that just a little more time will have on you and your significant other!

How about you? Any tips or thoughts about making time for your loved one? Let me know in the comments!

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If you liked this article, please consider sharing!
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