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If you’re a young mother, or about to become one, then here are a few words for you, from one young mother to another.

I found out I was pregnant when I was 18-years-old.

And in no way was I prepared for it. I was terrified. I had had my whole life planned out, and a baby at 18 just didn’t fit in. I had started the university and had known exactly where I was going with life.

And then suddenly I didn’t anymore.

I was faced with questions that I had never imagined I would have to ask myself at the ripe-old age of 18. And that is the main reason I am writing my soon-to-be-published novel, Life Borne (you can read more about it here).

But in this post I’d like to focus on the positive. On a message of hope.

Yes, being pregnant at a young age is likely to be one of the most difficult things you are faced with. And it doesn’t really get easier. When you finally give birth and are holding your child in your arms, you suddenly have a million other questions you need to answer.

You become responsible for another human being; another life is in your hands, and it’s your one and only mission to keep it alive and happy.

My message to young mothers -- a positive, heartfelt message from one young mother to another! -- | jemasterman.com

So no, in my opinion, it doesn’t get easier.

But you will get stronger.

You will be able to come out on top of situations that you had never even thought you’d be able to face. But you will. You’ll look into your child’s eyes and find the strength to keep going long after you feel like giving up.

But giving up is not an option for you. It never will be. But you’ll make it, because you’ve got a source of strength that goes beyond what any pumped bodybuilder could have. You’ve got the strength of a mother. You’ll carry your child’s woes on your shoulders and not think twice about it. You’ll pick him up when he falls. You’ll wipe away his tears when they run down his cheek. You’ll be there for him every inch of the way.

And yes, you may hear unwelcome comments about your youth; how can you possibly be a good mother when you yourself are a child? I know I heard many such comments.

But know this; they are all 100% wrong.

What these people don’t understand, is that when you are already pregnant, you don’t have a choice anymore. There’s no going back. So you have to do the best you can with the cards given to you. And finding that strength to go on despite the difficulties; that’s what sets you appart.

And there is no one better than you to be the mother of your child. Remember that, and through all of the adversity ou will face, never doubt it.

My message to young mothers -- a positive, heartfelt message from one young mother to another! -- | jemasterman.com

Others will criticize you for being a young mother

Odds are, you’re going to get plenty of comments from people criticising you, no matter what you do.

People criticized me for choosing to stay home with my son when he was a baby, and then the same people criticized me for choosing to stay at work when my daughter was a baby. There’s no winning. Do what is right for you and your family. No one else’s opinion matters.

And if you’re worrying about your future, don’t. I know this sounds silly, but things have a way of working out. Having a child at a young age is the hardest thing you’ll have to do. Finding a job after that is easy. You’ll find a way.

I am in no way trying to encourage teen pregnancy with this post; what I’m trying to do is encourage you if you’re in this situation, and tell you that your life is not over. And perhaps most importantly: you are not alone.

If you ever feel the need to connect with a mother who’s been through it herself, let me know! I’m always happy to meet other young mothers.

Never forget that you are amazing, and you will find a way for you and your child!

Read more about my upcoming novel about young motherhood here, or leave a comment to let me know what you think!

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