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Teen pregnancy is still such a stigma for a young woman, even is this modern day and age. To me, this is unacceptable, and the main reason I have been working 24/7 on my soon-to-be published novel; Life Borne.

I wanted to give you guys a “behind-the-scenes” as to what I hope this novel will achieve!

The novel is about a young 18-year-old woman who is faced with an unplanned pregnancy, and follows her through all the challenges and struggles she is then faced with, be it announcing it to her family or finding a job.

The reason I’m writing this book and working so hard on it is that it’s a subject very close to my heart, as I was confronted with teen pregnancy myself (read my message to other young mothers here!).

If any of you reading this have ever been in a similar situation, you know how unbelievably scary it can be. Your life is turned upside down in a fraction of a second, and all of a sudden you have to deal with questions that you thought you wouldn’t have to deal with for years to come.

How are you going to earn money? Are you going to keep the baby? What life will you be able to give it? Are you even capable of being a mother? How will your family react? How will you tell them? How will you tell the father?

And a million of other questions that just run in circles inside your brain non-stop.

And then there’s the way society sees teen pregnancy

One moment you’re a brilliant young lady with her life ahead of her, headed for an amazing carreer and life.

The next you’re just another one of those teen moms who wasn’t smart enough to protect herself, and now has to face the consequences of her actions.

Why are we so easily dismissed? Just tossed aside, like we’re not “worthy” of being heard any more? Why is it just assumed that we screwed up?

Accidents happen all the time; I got pregnant despite using condoms, and I know of many others to whom it has happened as well; be it while being on the pill, using a diaphragm, a condom, or whatever other method of contraception was used.

Accidents happen, but when we see a young mother in the street, society still assumes that she screwed up.

And that is why this book is so important to me. Because in it, I address all of these issues; the way society views teen pregnancy, how it so easily dismisses teen mothers. The inequality between men and women in this situation (yes, some of it is biological, but not all).

What goes through the mind of a teen mom

But most of all, what goes through a young woman’s mind during this time; all of her own insecurities thrown back in her face by society, her fears and doubts, her loneliness and the feeling like she’s going through it on her own.

I hope that with this book, things may change; that even on a modest scale, people can start to see things differently. That young mothers faced with teen pregnancy are not to be dismissed; that young mothers become fierce warriors who can overcome anything that is thrown at them.

If you are a young mother, know that you are amazing! And if you are about to become a teen mother; hang in there. It will be hard, but you will make it! If you want to read a positive message to other young mothers, check out this post.

And please, if any of you wish to, reach out to me, send me an email! I would be thrilled to hear from you!

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If you liked this article, please consider sharing!
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