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what does success mean to you? 

Start living life on your own terms, according to your own definition of success



Welcome to Success-Savvy Mom – I’m so happy you’re here!

I’ve created this site for mothers, who like myself, believe in the power of mindset to create success for themselves in their life, whether personal or professional.

I’ve lived a busy life – with many ups and downs – and have learned many valuable lessons, mainly in mindset.

It’s why I started this site! I was able to use mindset to go from an exhausted, overwhelmed, depressed mom to a thriving mom and business owner.

Now I want to share all my passions and experiences with you!

So this is going to be a mixture of my own business experiences, tips and advice of what I’ve learned on the way, articles about entrepreneurship and writing (two of my biggest passions!) as well as a few articles about balancing other aspects of a young mother’s life, such as parenting and relationships (like how to manage your time as a busy mom, or how to make time for your partner despite a full schedule!)

Everything to help others on their journey to success – however you define it!!

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Thanks for being here, I hope you’ll find some usefull information!



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What you can find here

In today’s world, finding a way to live your dream can be challenging – really! There are so many opportunities, but also so many distractions and information everywhere that it’s almost impossible to avoid overload.

And here’s another site to add to it, haha!! 😀

What I want to do here, is combine the different aspects of your life and challenges into one, so you’ll find (almost) everything you need in one spot!

So here you’ll find tools and tips on mindset, entrepreneurship, writing (for treating it as a business; entrepreneurship tips completely apply to writing if you’re serious about making money!), but also about parenting life, and how to manage your home-life when you’re trying to create something – be it a book, a business, or just a happy home! And last but not least, personal stuff, like how to take care of yourself in busy times 🙂

In my experience, you simply can’t cut out family-life from the dreams you’re trying to achieve – so why even try? 🙂

Hope you enjoy your time here, I’d love to hear from you! So if you’ve got the time, send me an email or leave a comment. Hope to hear from you!



The best gift you will ever give yourself is to try and improve yourself.

It’s what we all strive for, right?


Everything business related, from being a student, an employee, to starting your own business


This is where we deliberately take the time to care for ourselves, despite our hectic lives. Our family, relationships and self!

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